Crimson Seed


Feeling lost

All alone

I need some place to call my own

Blinded by foolish lies

Seek the truth that’s deep inside

Running ‘round in circles

Fighting through the dark

Never find the victory

Till you take it through the heart

What you find

Is a mystery

It takes two hearts

To have the key

Peace and love

Is what we need

To break the chain of the

Crimson Seed

Seek the truth

Among the filth

Crawling in the dark

Freedom is

A few steps now

Open your eyes and see

Intro: Captain Howdy (Dee Snider’s “Strangeland”)

Guitar Solo: Alex Skolnick

Synth: Joe Cincotta

Fire Down Below

(Back, Beeny)

It was a cold, cold night in the deep blue sea

No worry on their minds

Such a long, long time they’ve been away from home

And out of the sunshine

Beneath the waves there stands a mystery which we will never know

With a crew of 62 waiting for their time to go

Down and down and down we go deeper darker still

Down and down and down we go it was a fire down below

In an instant trouble began

The rooms all went black

Deeper deeper water dragged them down

There was no turning back

In a panic they cried for help but no one heard their call

Much too late they all sealed their fate the writing on the wall

GOOD BYE ! ! !


Percussion: Egon Savino

Crawling Inside

(Back, Beeny)

You wanna light my fuse

I wanna see you bruised

I just need one more time

To show you my scars

You play these tricks on me

You wanna see me bleed

Back me into a corner

You’re sure to feel my heat

Crawling inside

I will find my way

Crawling inside

I can see the day

Crawling inside

There’s another way

To feel what I’m looking for

You talk a real big talk

You fail the easy walk

There will come a day

When your lies will eat you

Backing Vocals: Dustin Back, Eric Harmon, Cris Lepurage

Lead Guitar: Chris Caffery



Tell me, do you feel the way that I do? I Do.

Tell me do you see the change? I Do, I Do.

I just wanna tell somebody

But they think I’ve lost my mind

Trapped inside this world gone mad

The peace you’ll never find

A little love is what we need

But this greed is our disease

Give it all for what you borrow

Sold your soul, there’s no tomorrow

There’s people dying in the street that never make the news

Fighting through a tragic heat

Left with more than just a bruise

But deep inside this urge you crave

The fuel that drives your best

Luck may save you for the night

But time takes all the rest

This greed is what we make

Sold your soul one last mistake

Love is lost in a world of sorrow

Lost it all. There’s no tomorrow

Intro: Tony Evans (OCBF Church)

Radio DJ: Jordan Roos

No Face Race


I am not what you see

I am not what you feel

I’m what you believe

That can’t be real

Covered up beyond belief

Taken back by all the grief

Passing through a dead man’s land

Leading the blind to take a stand

It’s a No Face Race

And we’re in the lead

Slam the throttle

Put the blame on me

Full speed ahead

No looking back

You’re blinded by your own attack

It’s not what you think

It’s not what they sell

Twisted in our own mind

Is our personal hell

Searching gold among the dirt

Trading passion for the hurt

Freedom forgotten in time of need

Sell your soul to watch you bleed

Lead Guitar: Chris Caffery

Back To You

(Back, Harmon)

The morning sun reminds me

Of days I spent with you

(I need you here)

When everything’s too bright to see

(Oh, it’s hard to sleep)

I’m lost without a clue

When I wake up in the night

Thoughts of you are on my mind

On the road miles so far away (So far away)

Lost in memories when I could stay

Though I’m gone

I will be there soon

On the road to you

These starry nights and days of gold

The beauty I have known

(I’m waiting for your call)

A road of Sunset with lights untold

(Photos can’t take your place)

But still I dream of home

I look off to the open skies

Each time I still see your eyes

On the road miles so far away (So far away)

Lost in memories when I could stay

Though I’m gone

I will be there soon

On the road to you

All the time I spent away

Lord knows I can’t get it back

Try as I might the days just go past

On the road to you

On the road to you

On the road miles so far away (So far away)

Lost in memories when I could stay

Though I’m gone

I’ll be there soon

On the road to you

Additional Guitars: Eric Harmon

Additional Vocals: Chloe Lowery

Piano / Organ: Michael Bluestein

Keeping Rock Alive

(Back, Lepurage, Tirelli)

It’s been a long week and the job is done

I’m headed towards the scene

All I hear is the world is crying

A poisonous disease

It’s never the same without music

Music saves the day

Let’s get right back and sing our song

Sing our song today

From Boise to Boonville

Everywhere in between

Throw your hands up in the air

And show us what you mean

We’re keeping rock alive

That’s what you’re here to do

We’re keeping rock alive

Show us that it’s true


I hear the sounds of my hero’s songs

Remembering yesterday

Come along and celebrate

Celebrate with me

All the fans and the music

I hear music everywhere

Let’s get right back and sing our song

Sing our song today

Backing Vocals: Joe Cincotta, Eric Harmon, Cris Lepurage

Guitar Solo: Joel Hoekstra

Lead Vocals: Mike Tirelli


(Back, Garrett)

1000 miles, I’m still moving on

Been so long since I’ve seen my home

These restless days and sleepless nights I know I’m never alone

I found my soul in these city lights between the wheels and the road

Highway lights passing me on by

Life may be short but I got nothing but time

Burning daylight as the sun goes down

Destiny is mine and free

I’m taking my heart to forevertown

Living life like a gypsy in the wind

I can’t remember where this road began

It’s so hard deep in my dreams, can’t think of what I need

Leaving trouble behind I’m just burning time to find my peace of mind

Additional Vocals: Phil Richards

Harmonica: Joe Dalto

Summer Vibes

(Back, Lepurage)

Remember all those wonderful times

When love was free

We could pass the day away

Living for what we see

Those starry nights

And big city lights

On the burning path

Those times long gone

Been missing so long

It’s time we bring em back

Summer vibes with the top pulled down

My girl by my side as we roll outta town

Soaking up the sun

Having too much fun

No place to go

Summer vibes with my feet in the sand

Drifting away to a better land

Memories and precious dreams

I remember when

Thinking about those blissful days

Not a care in the world lost in a haze

Reminiscing, treasures of the past

As time goes by

My heart grows weak

Longing for the love I seek

Holding on

For a lifetime strong

High on a memory

Additional Vocals: TJ Fox

Lead Guitar: Bruce Watson



Whiskey Fire


Smooth goin’ down

But it burns in the morning

Raised by the light

But the wheels will keep on turning

But I know I’m gonna do it all tomorrow

I think I’m going crazy

Heaven knows that I’ve been down here before

Blackout passed out face down on the floor

I’m begging, can you take me higher?

‘Cause I’m drowning in a whiskey fire

Soon start to think

Oh why even bother?

As you take another drink

Of southern water

You’re burning the candle

Oh, when’s it gonna end?

Damn sure I’m going crazy

Additional Guitars: Eric Harmon

Harmonica: Joe Dalto



Not Alone

(Back, Harmon, Lepurage)

A helping hand to get you through

Family will be there too

Everything you need will be there for you

The needle stings but it makes you feel

Like Superman or the girl of steel

105 degrees can’t slow you down, NO!

Shadows cast aside

As I greet you with a smile

You’re not the only one

Walking that long mile

You are not alone

All you need is faith

Let your worries go

Love will take their place

Sleep tonight the sun will wake you soon

Don’t you fright, they’re watching over you

Don’t you know Iggy’s watching over you?

Additional Guitars: Bruce Watson

Backing Vocals: Dustin Back, Joe Cincotta, Eric Harmon

Get ‘Em Up

(Back, Hoekstra)

Lead Guitar: Joel Hoekstra

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